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DuPont - imageCity history unfolds with the Native American, Hudson Bay Company, DuPont and Weyerhaeuser eras, and the impact and changes they made to what we now call DuPont.

Evidence shows that the Sequalitchew Nisqually, a vibrant indigenous people, existed here for over 5,700 years. The close proximity to the Puget Sound, rivers and grasslands provided shelter and ample resources for this thriving culture.

Early 19th century journals kept by the British owned Hudson Bay Company employees recorded the events of daily life at Fort Nisqually and interaction with local tribes. Fort Nisqually was initially a fur trading settlement and later expanded into agriculture and farming.

The first Americans arrived in this area in 1839 to establish the Nisqually Methodist Mission, but were forced to leave within three years because of hardship and illness. It was here that American teacher Chloe Clark married HBC employee William Holden Willson.

Captain Wilkes and the 1841 US Exploring Expedition charted and explored this area for the American government. They built and observatory on a promontory overlooking the mouth of Sequalitchew Creek to map Southern Puget Sound. Many of our local landmarks are still known today by the names designated by this scientific expedition. The all black cavalry regiment Buffalo Soldiers arrived at Camp Nisqually, located on the banks of the Sequalitchew Creek near what today is known as Center Drive in DuPont, Washington in 1904. The Buffalo Soldiers were ordered to bivouac at Camp Nisqually and join in with five National Guard units from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho for training maneuvers. All six units included 272 officers and 3739 enlisted men. This was the largest military gathering on the West Coast up to that time. It was the only military exercise to include an all-black regiment. The event was the genesis of a modern Joint Base Lewis McChord.

By 1906, hundreds of workers and their families called this area home after the E.I. DuPont de Nemours Company built an explosive manufacturing plant and Village, giving their name to DuPont. The explosives produced here were used for some of the world's largest construction projects including the Panama Canal and Grand Coulee Dam, as well as for munitions for both World Wars.

In 1951 DuPont became incorporated. Residents realized that incorporation was necessary after the DuPont Company donated water, sewer and electrical systems as well as several lots for parks to the town. The company also sold the houses to tenant employees.

Weyerhaeuser bought the 3,200-acre former explosives plant site in 1976 from the DuPont Company. Weyerhaeuser originally intended to use the property as the site for a wood products export facility. The market for lumber declined in the early 1980s and Weyerhaeuser changed its focus to land development in DuPont.

In 1989 the City Council approved plans for the construction of Weyerhaeuser's Northwest Landing, a residential, commercial and industrial development. The Village of DuPont grew from 601 inhabitants to today's approximately 9,175 residents. Today DuPont is made up of both the Historic Village and the modern Northwest Landing, creating a vibrant new community. - http://www.ci.dupont.wa.us/index.aspx?nid=265

Read the Northwest Adventure trip to DuPont by Don and Peggy Doman and their weelemd accommodations at the Hampton Inn, just off I-5.

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Plumbing Services

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    Towing - image.

  • Kings Towing Services - I-5 areas and beyond from DuPont to JBLM - Welcome to King's Towing. We provide the highest standard of emergency roadside service and automobile, truck, motorcycle, private property impound towing, and recovery services to our customers. We always strive for flexibility in servicing our customer's needs. We react as quickly as we can to give you the towing help you need in the most and cost efficient manner. Please call us when you need help at 253-926-7679.

    Live Theater in the Tacoma Area.

  • Tacoma Little Theatre - Tacoma Little Theatre has been at its present home in Tacoma's Stadium District for over fifty years. TLT was founded in 1918, placing it among the oldest community theatres that are in existence in the United States. TLT not only provides live entertainment, but also theatical education as well. TLT's Theatre classes help students of all ages to grow to their full potential as performers and more importantly as human beings! Tacoma Little Theatre's mission is to enrich our community by creating quality live theatre experiences. Tacoma Little Theatre is a successful volunteer community theatre employing professional standards of excellence. We produce a varied six play main stage season and offer year-round educational programs for adults and youth. We are managed by a small professional staff and a volunteer Board of Directors.

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    Get to the root of sewer problems

  • Sewer Line Experts - Trenchless Plumbing & Pipe Bursting Tacoma - Here in the Pacific Northwest, a land of settling earth, healthy trees with strong roots, and old crumbling concrete pipes, it's quite common to have sewer lines filled with invasive roots. Once roots get into your sewer line the problem only worsens. Pielak Plumbing has several solutions for you. They can de-root your system, they can send a video camera down your pipes to inspect the problem, and they can replace your complete sewer line with trenchless plumbing and pipe bursting. Give them a call today at 253-227-0084 for details and estimates. Visit Pielak Plumbing for more information and a step-by-step video showing you how the process works.

    Construction debris and recycling.

  • Construction Debris and Recycling - Dumpster Rentals - SW Washington - Our business is picking up. We are a full service recycling company, providing services throughout the South Puget Sound region, including the cities of Aberdeen, Olympia, and Centralia. We can help you in Grays Harbor, Lewis, and Thurston counties as well as other areas of the South Puget Sound. Contact Us for immediately help: 360-280-7305.

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  • Chocolate Yellow Silver Black Labrador Puppies For Sale - Wake and Cassie Barney love their family of dogs. The dogs and puppies are part of the family. They breed their dogs and pass them along to happy families in Washington State. Take a look at their Puppy Gallery. Owners are always happy to share photographs of the new members of their own families.

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  • Healthy Aging Diet Control Weight Loss Tacoma - Need to control your diet, lose some weight, or just feel better so you can live longer? Talk to Dana in Tacoma. They can help you and your body. Healthy Aging Body even offers Free Consultations!

    Tent Rental Systems for Sale from Maine to Mexico . . . and beyond

  • Tent Rental Systems for Sale from Maine to Mexico . . . and beyond - Tacoma Tent and Awning/Olympic Tent provides tarps, canopies, and awnings in addition to their special tent systems. Watch the video and see why their tents are the future of the rental tent industry.

    Tree Removal and Tree Services in Tacoma Puyallup Lakewood Fircrest Gig Harbor University Place Washington State - APEX Tree Experts

  • Tree Removal and Tree Services in Tacoma Puyallup Lakewood Fircrest Gig Harbor University Place Washington State - APEX Tree Experts - Storm damage, tree revoval, stump grinding, pruing, trimming . . . and just about anything you need for your trees and shrubs.

    Corporate industrial business production - image.

  • PNW Video Production - For over thirty years, the most effective AND affordable choice for video production in the Pacific Northwest. From Group Health, Washington Aggregate and Concrete Association, Asarco, Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, Land Surveyors' Association of Washington, and beyond.

    The ideal video production company for construction videos & video manuals for work done at Joint Base Lewis McChord. They produce Youtube videos for small business as well. Distribution via online, DVD, or thumb drive.

    Northwest Adventures and Vacation BLOG by authors Don and Peggy Doman

  • Northwest Adventures and Vacation BLOG by authors Don and Peggy Doman - The Pacific Northwest is a great place to spend a vacation. If you only have a couple of days and are looking for a short adventure, then we have many suggestions. We write about our own adventures to Northwest cities like: Tacoma, Seattle, Mukilteo, Victoria and Portland. We stay at hotels or bed & breakfasts. We visit museums, restaurants, and fun places to shop and look around.

    DuPont Business Directory, DuPont Business Register, DuPont Business list, DuPont Business Directory DuPont washington wa.

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    DuPont Business Directory, DuPont Business Register, DuPont Business list, DuPont Business Directory DuPont washington wa.

    DuPont Business Directory, DuPont Business Register, DuPont Business list, DuPont Business Directory DuPont washington wa.DuPont Business Directory, DuPont Business Register, DuPont Business list, DuPont Business Directory DuPont washington wa.

  • DuPont Business Directory, DuPont Business Register, DuPont Business list, DuPont Business Directory DuPont washington wa.